Crypto Recovery Service

Jinca prevents your assets from being lost when you are unable to access your crypto, lose your keys, or die.

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How it works

1. Setup

Configure your exchanges, wallets and PIN

2. Assign wallets

Set destinataries by providing wallets and percentages

3. Set alerts frequency

Our alerts system will send you a notification on a provided frequency to check that you are OK

4. Jinca in action

If you are unable to answer the notification, your crypto will be sent to the configured wallets based on the percentages you assigned

What we are not

We are not custodials of funds

We won't access or transfer funds to any wallet that was not provided to The Protocol

We do not recover your private keys or seed phrases, we will only send you the contents of your wallets

Use cases

For when you lose your private keys

If you don't remember your seed phrase

Your loved ones will receive your crypto if something happens to you

Why is Jinca safe